Downward Spiral by Green River Thrillers

The first single to come off the Seattle three-piece’s forthcoming record.

green river thrillers

Downward Spiral is the latest single to arrive from Seattle-based noise rock trio, Green River Thrillers. According to the band’s Bandcamp page, this banger is to be part of a forthcoming EP; untitled for now. Tracking and mixing duties were handled by engineers Steve Feasley and Scot Michael at Strange Earth Studios and Titan Recording Studio, respectively. Check out Downward Spiral below.

This track puts forth some pretty grimy and heavy sounding concepts, executed with the bands signature punchiness. Interestingly, the vocals only kick in past the halfway point of the track, and only lasts through a couple verses, but it really ties the arrangement together.

‘Downward Spiral’ is the first new music to arrive from the band since 2016’s split 7″ release with Stereo Creeps. That release is popping as well, with the Greenriver Thrillers supplying the dreamy and anthemic Body Parts; while the Stereo Creeps contributed the sentimental and dissonant tune Choose Yr Weapon (which I thought was gonna be a weird ass Hiatus Kaiyote cover). Check those tracks out below.

Greenriver Thrillers are made up of members Gary Hughes, Alan Alfano and Phil Smith. The trio have described their music as a blend of “many elements of rock n’ roll”, which influences spanning classic punk, metal, and even some shades of experimental music. While I was looking this information up on their Bandcamp page, I noticed that at the end, it wrote: “The trio are currently set to release a new record titled ‘Distorted Diva’ in June of 2016” – so perhaps it’s time for an update fellas!

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