Reset (The Pandemic EP) by Thee Deception

“One two three four! One two three four! One two three four! One two three four!”

Thee Deception Live

Cascadian partisans Thee Deception have issued its sophomore EP, the 3-track Reset (The Pandemic EP). Give it a listen below.

Like the band’s previous release, Capital, this EP is an over-in-a-flash flurry of punchy punk tunes. It’s unclear where the band recorded this, though I can hazard to guess: from a phone, and at their practice space in Ballard(?).

I personally love these kinds of recordings – where it’s just the band doing what they already do at rehearsals. No need to gussy up; as one of the members can be heard at the end of the 2nd song, Big Trees, saying “I fucked it up.”

The album opener is pretty neat too, entitled 1 2 3 4. It opens with a scam phone message from the IRS – before Samuel Bligh punctuates “One two three four!”, looped like a retarded Roland electronic drum kit.

The record closes with Tough Guy, my personal favorite off the record. It’s an instrumental banger; opening with yet another scam call (this one sounding like a Kevin James impressionist moonlighting at a call centre). Excellent punk drumming from Regan Hagar, who carried the 2/4 tune all the way to completion.

Thee Deception are oft seen in-and-around their hometown of Seattle, Cascadia. The band sadly had to cancel some shows these couple months (May), due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. I suppose this record got its name from that whole incident.

If you dug this EP, definitely check out the band’s first release, Capitol. It’s available on vinyl and digital formats on the band’s Bandcamp page. Thee Deception are a killer live band, so when the world is back and perhaps in post-apocalyptic form, definitely go see them if you live in Seattle – you can count that they’ll still be booking shows. For now, here’s the band performing two songs at Easy Street Records.

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