Dead Friends Forever by Orphan Goggles

The absurdist buttcore warriors supply a new single.

Orphan Goglges

LA Buttcore quartet Orphan Goggles have issued a buck-wild single entitled Dead Friends. Along with the 3-minute long track, the band have supplied a neat informative video of how people used to die in the 80s. Check it out below.

Dead Friends Forever is intense; and the band’s heavy use of repetition really carries its wonderfully dissonant ideas. The vocals yo-yo between spoken word passages and “Dead Friends Forever!” – which overall is paired nicely with its thought out guitar/guitar/bass parts.

There are only ever two variations to the constantly driving drum pattern; the first, an excellently timed middle section pause; and at the end, a driving ride groove. That bridge section towards the end is easily my favorite part of the tune – with thick chords punctuating dissonant oscillating guitar bends, while the vocalist says some cold shit about death.

Pulling as much information as I could from the band’s Facebook page, I’ve learned that Orphan Goggles formed in 2013 after being birthed from the very tears that the miserable parallel universe version of my immaculate mother’s salivating eyes.

Its members include Harry Cloud (Fannyland), Sterling Riley (Hepa.Titus), Arturo Shaman and Neil “The Real Deal” Crowley. The four are evangelists over at the Butt Core Coalition of Los Angeles. Though they’ve stuck with the name Orphan Goggles, the band has gone through several phases – most notably winning the 58th Grammy Award for Best Album, when they used to be called Taylor Swift. The band also identifies as a single female human, and are personally Butt Core.

If you dug Dead Friends Forever definitely go check out the group’s single, Hey Bud, How’s Your Blood? from their split 7″ with Japanese psych-rockers Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. That’s embedded below here.

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