Petr Válek’s world of noise.

His work touches a natural intuition that’s widely understood.

Petyr Vasek

Petr Válek is a noise artist/inventor based in Loučná nad Desnou in Hrubý Jeseník (Czech Republic). He shares his work in videos over Facebook and Youtube – which are self-filmed in-and-around his home. A detailed write-up on the artist’s process and background is available on the website of Vasulka Kitchen – the art research centre that will be featuring Válek’s work in an exhibition entitled PETR VÁLEK: Figments (and other stuff) on 28 May 2020.

What draws me so much to Válek’s work is how in-tune it feels with the natural world. Whether he’s conjuring up sounds or finding them, his work seems to embody a simple intuition easily understood (it reminds me of playing outside as a kid). He builds clever sound toys and plays with nature – below I’ve shared five pieces which I feel would give a brief introduction to his work. Take a look.

You can stay up to date on Petr’s work on his Facebook and Youtube channel. Also, here’s a neat photo of him performing for some kids from his Facebook page.

Petyr Vasek Teaching Kids

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