Fresh Ideas For Transforming Natures Most Perfect Shapes by Cronies

Cronies have dropped a fresh four-track release they call Fresh Ideas For Transforming Natures Most Perfect Shapes.

The release is the NYC duo’s second so far, and it’s a riveting collection of tripped-out, rocking noise that’s just a joy to listen to.

The record kicks off with Shirts Off! a track I dig for its high-pitched vocal runs – true dingus stuff. It also introduces the excellent sound of the record, kudos to Sasha Stroud of Artifact Audio.

Cronies are made up of brothers Sam and Jack Carillo, I’ll be keeping an ear out for what they have out in the future.

COVID-19 by The Tiger Lillies

“I’ll spit over your auntie, your grandmother as well, my phlegm is ready to send you to hell”

The Tiger Lillies, poets of the macabre and pioneers of dark cabaret, have released their latest LP – a byproduct of the times, COVID-19. The band have made one track from the record available to stream, take a listen to Sanitizer Survivor below.

COVID-19 is a 17-track reflection of the band’s experiences amid the ongoing pandemic – with Martyn Jacques, band leader and primary songwriter reporting that the last months have left him feeling like “a goldfish in a bowl”, his full statement accompanying the album’s release here:

COVID-19 came out of the blue and left me unable to do the thing which I’ve always done for the last 30 years – perform! The thing which has kept me alive materially, occupied my time and kept me sane.

For me the act of singing to an audience has been my emotional and artistic release. COVID-19 stopped all that and for the last 3 weeks I’ve felt like a goldfish in a bowl.

My only way of staying relatively sane has been to sing songs about the madness of this . Here’s the album we’ve recorded, me isolating in my studio in Berlin, my band member Adrian [Stout] isolating in his studio in Athens. COVID-19’.

Martyn Jacques, The Tiger Lillies Bandcamp page.

In support of the COVID-19’s release – and as live shows are an impossibility worldwide – Jacques and Adrian Stout gave a live streamed performance of the album in full, over Zoom. Watch that below.

This album also notably features The Tiger Lillies in a duo configuration – as percussionist Jonas Golland shows up in neither the album’s credits, nor the live streamed performance.

The world was first introduced to the grim world of The Tiger Lilies in 1989, following the release of their debut album, Bouquet Of Vegetables. According to an old version of the band’s website (via Wayback Machine) – Jacques developed his signature ‘operatic’ voice over seven years – six of which were spent living in solitude above a brothel in London’s Soho. Before devoting himself to studying the “castrati style of voice”, he was reported to have been a university dropout student from Lampeter’s Theology and Philosophy course (according to Wikipedia).

Watch The Tiger Lillies perform The Crack Of Doom below:

Consider supporting The Tiger Lillies by purchasing COVID-19 through Bandcamp – and help ensure that the band stay fed and able to soundtrack humanity’s next (or last) doomsday moment.

COVID-19’s full track listing:

  1. Covid-19
  2. Cough
  3. Keep Washing Your Hands
  4. Off To The Park
  5. Sanitizer Survivor
  6. Step Up
  7. Corona Was A Beer Once
  8. Cancellation Blues
  9. Spitter
  10. Toilet Rolls Mummy
  11. When You Die Alone
  12. Supermarket Shelves
  13. Social Distancing
  14. Gasping
  15. Testing
  16. It’s Not Easy
  17. Will We Ever Play Again

Dead Friends Forever by Orphan Goggles

The absurdist buttcore warriors supply a new single.

LA Buttcore quartet Orphan Goggles have issued a buck-wild single entitled Dead Friends. Along with the 3-minute long track, the band have supplied a neat informative video of how people used to die in the 80s. Check it out below.

Dead Friends Forever is intense; and the band’s heavy use of repetition really carries its wonderfully dissonant ideas. The vocals yo-yo between spoken word passages and “Dead Friends Forever!” – which overall is paired nicely with its thought out guitar/guitar/bass parts.

There are only ever two variations to the constantly driving drum pattern; the first, an excellently timed middle section pause; and at the end, a driving ride groove. That bridge section towards the end is easily my favorite part of the tune – with thick chords punctuating dissonant oscillating guitar bends, while the vocalist says some cold shit about death.

Pulling as much information as I could from the band’s Facebook page, I’ve learned that Orphan Goggles formed in 2013 after being birthed from the very tears that the miserable parallel universe version of my immaculate mother’s salivating eyes.

Its members include Harry Cloud (Fannyland), Sterling Riley (Hepa.Titus), Arturo Shaman and Neil “The Real Deal” Crowley. The four are evangelists over at the Butt Core Coalition of Los Angeles. Though they’ve stuck with the name Orphan Goggles, the band has gone through several phases – most notably winning the 58th Grammy Award for Best Album, when they used to be called Taylor Swift. The band also identifies as a single female human, and are personally Butt Core.

If you dug Dead Friends Forever definitely go check out the group’s single, Hey Bud, How’s Your Blood? from their split 7″ with Japanese psych-rockers Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. That’s embedded below here.

Reset (The Pandemic EP) by Thee Deception

“One two three four! One two three four! One two three four! One two three four!”

Cascadian partisans Thee Deception have issued its sophomore EP, the 3-track Reset (The Pandemic EP). Give it a listen below.

Like the band’s previous release, Capital, this EP is an over-in-a-flash flurry of punchy punk tunes. It’s unclear where the band recorded this, though I can hazard to guess: from a phone, and at their practice space in Ballard(?).

I personally love these kinds of recordings – where it’s just the band doing what they already do at rehearsals. No need to gussy up; as one of the members can be heard at the end of the 2nd song, Big Trees, saying “I fucked it up.”

The album opener is pretty neat too, entitled 1 2 3 4. It opens with a scam phone message from the IRS – before Samuel Bligh punctuates “One two three four!”, looped like a retarded Roland electronic drum kit.

The record closes with Tough Guy, my personal favorite off the record. It’s an instrumental banger; opening with yet another scam call (this one sounding like a Kevin James impressionist moonlighting at a call centre). Excellent punk drumming from Regan Hagar, who carried the 2/4 tune all the way to completion.

Thee Deception are oft seen in-and-around their hometown of Seattle, Cascadia. The band sadly had to cancel some shows these couple months (May), due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. I suppose this record got its name from that whole incident.

If you dug this EP, definitely check out the band’s first release, Capitol. It’s available on vinyl and digital formats on the band’s Bandcamp page. Thee Deception are a killer live band, so when the world is back and perhaps in post-apocalyptic form, definitely go see them if you live in Seattle – you can count that they’ll still be booking shows. For now, here’s the band performing two songs at Easy Street Records.

Downward Spiral by Green River Thrillers

The first single to come off the Seattle three-piece’s forthcoming record.

Downward Spiral is the latest single to arrive from Seattle-based noise rock trio, Green River Thrillers. According to the band’s Bandcamp page, this banger is to be part of a forthcoming EP; untitled for now. Tracking and mixing duties were handled by engineers Steve Feasley and Scot Michael at Strange Earth Studios and Titan Recording Studio, respectively. Check out Downward Spiral below.

This track puts forth some pretty grimy and heavy sounding concepts, executed with the bands signature punchiness. Interestingly, the vocals only kick in past the halfway point of the track, and only lasts through a couple verses, but it really ties the arrangement together.

‘Downward Spiral’ is the first new music to arrive from the band since 2016’s split 7″ release with Stereo Creeps. That release is popping as well, with the Greenriver Thrillers supplying the dreamy and anthemic Body Parts; while the Stereo Creeps contributed the sentimental and dissonant tune Choose Yr Weapon (which I thought was gonna be a weird ass Hiatus Kaiyote cover). Check those tracks out below.

Greenriver Thrillers are made up of members Gary Hughes, Alan Alfano and Phil Smith. The trio have described their music as a blend of “many elements of rock n’ roll”, which influences spanning classic punk, metal, and even some shades of experimental music. While I was looking this information up on their Bandcamp page, I noticed that at the end, it wrote: “The trio are currently set to release a new record titled ‘Distorted Diva’ in June of 2016” – so perhaps it’s time for an update fellas!